Captain Steve

Captain Steve

Captain Steve grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. His passion for fishing wasn’t realized until he and his family moved to the small fishing community of Lafitte, about a 30-minute drive south of the City of New Orleans, where he fell in love with the sport. 

He soon figured he’d put his knowledge of fishing to work and started as a fishing guide at Bourgeois Fishing Charters, in 2014. Captain Steven’s preferred type of fishing is for Redfish, using golden spoons and Gulp. He enjoys showing anglers the value in the knowledge of the tide and wind to point you in the right direction, regarding what areas to fish. Also, in looking at water clarity to determine what color lure to use.

The best advice he’d give to a beginner fisherman, he says, would probably be, “Fish always swim in the direction of the current. Also, don’t pass up an areas that you THINK isn’t good. It’ll most likely surprise you!.”


Look for small baitfish scattering or shrimp jumping out of the water. In most cases, it’s because a bigger fish is chasing them.

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