Captain Pat

Captain Pat


Hails from the Ham capitol of the world, Smithfield, Virginia. He came to Bourgeois Fishing Charters following his tenure with the U.S. Coast Guard as our maintenance manager while working towards his goal of becoming a seaplane pilot and charter guide inspired by “Big Toe”, the late Captain Theophile III, and because, rumor has it that, “the ladies love a pilot!” He explains that the first time he experienced a seaplane trip he knew that was what he wanted to do for life. And as of 2023, he is officially a licensed seaplane operator for Bourgeois Fishing Charters and is one of two leading operators, piloting charters on our Seaplane Island Adventure to the Chandeleur Islands. He’s always fished growing up and is jokingly known for having aught and released every single fish at the Chandeleurs. He says he loves fishing but loves “catchin” more. Adding that the key to a successful trip includes licking a finger and sticking it up in the air to check the wind, and throwing out either a Purple Boy or Badonkadonk, and the fish don’t stand a chance! 


“IF THEY AIN’T HITTIN’ ON THE PURPLE BOY, THEY AIN’T THERE!” & “If you won’t eat it within 2 days, put it back!”

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