Captain Kevin

Captain Kevin

Captain Kevin was born in 1977 living in Westwego, Louisiana. He was 12 years old when he and his family moved to the small fishing community of Barataria, Louisiana. It was then, that he got his first fishing boat, he explained, “that’s only because my dad was tired of me taking his boat!” With that being said, his father was also the one who influenced his passion for fishing in the first place.  

Captain Kevin first started guiding fishing charters part time, for fun and extra money, but made it into a full time job in 2010. Captain Theophile Bourgeois, founder and owner of Bourgeois Fishing Charters, had given him the opportunity. 

Today, his favorite type of fishing is for Redfish, which are native to the area, and uses lures such as Top dog and golden spoons. In preparing for a day of fishing, Captain Kevin likes to check the weather channel app. Even though it isn’t accurate for water patterns, the forecast helps him know what to expect. He can then check the tide and current based on the water conditions during his charters.  

What he’s learned from all of his experience fishing, he says, is that, “The fish don’t always bite. So, don’t get frustrated, just keep fishing, and it will get better.”

Captain Kevin’s Method, Tips & Tricks: 

Method: “Popping corks or tight lines.”  

Tips: “Never give slack to a fish on the line and always keep the rod up!”  

Tricks: “Try a dead shrimp on the hook, if nothing else works.”

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