Captain Camille

Captain Camille

He was raised in, “The best place on Earth… Lafitte!” Located directly across the bayou from Barataria, Louisiana, the home of Bourgeois Fishing Charters. 

Being kin to the legend, Captain Theophile Bourgeois, Camille explains that in his family there was never an option of not having a passion for this lifestyle. The bayou life is all he’s ever known. He feels it’s literally in his blood.

 As a young man, he spent a lot of time with Captain Theophile, and has fished with him since 2013. He explains that the Captain & Pilot was a strong, guiding force that mentored him through life and fishing, for which, he will be forever grateful. He reminded him that everyday on Earth was a good day, and that, “Good fishing consists of three things; a lil bit of SKILL, a lil bit of FAITH, and a lil bit of LUCK.” 

In addition, to being a charter fishing guide, Captain Camille is a shrimp trawler, and a student pilot, in which, he intends to use his license to pilot Seaplane charters for Bourgeois Fishing Charters in the future.  

Camille’s favorite type of fishing is, “sight fishing on some beautiful, pond redfish!” He claims, “There’s no better sight than seeing fins chase a Bomber Badonk-A-Donk and a good ole gold spoon at the crack of daylight!” He also explained, “When you fish daily, the tide and the moon phase become a part of your everyday routine. You live by it!” He uses online applications for better predictions to assist him the night before trips. This way, he can establish a plan to determine where the fish might be at certain times of the day. 


Pay close attention to wind direction and the moon phase to determine where the best spot is to fish. If you don’t have patience it won’t work out in your favor. Sometimes it’s a waiting game. Other times you’re in the right spot at the right time, and before you know it, the whole boat’s full of fish.

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