4 Reasons Why Fishing Charters Make the Perfect Corporate Retreat:

4 Reasons Why Fishing Charters Make the Perfect Corporate Retreat:

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Whether you’re looking to reward or bond with employees, Bourgeois Fishing Charters can take you to Louisiana’s best destinations on the water.

Booking a fishing trip for the office has several advantages. Aside from the well-deserved break, a fishing trip with your colleagues is sure to create lasting memories. Make sure to book your adventure with a credible charter company and a boat captain who has your best interest in mind. 

Bourgeois Fishing Charters is one of the longest running fishing charters in New Orleans. People from all over the United States travel to our location in Barataria just to experience first-class fishing with our expert captains. We also offer a variety of historic lodging and amenities, which can accommodate large or small groups. 

Here are a four reasons why fishing charters make the ideal corporate retreat:

Strengthen Teamwork 

Corporate fishing trips typically increase understanding and creativity among employees. The beauty of South Louisiana is sure to inspire anyone. Your group will feel safe and energized as an experienced captain from Bourgeois Fishing Charters helps you fish like the locals. 

Show Appreciation

When an employer plans a genuinely fun activity, it shows that he or she cares about their employees’ mental and physical well-being. Many corporate retreats, including ours, offer all-inclusive services like high-end lodging and 4-course meals. 

Increase Productivity

When refreshed employees return to the office, they are more likely to perform better. A well-deserved break is beneficial to workplace productivity and morale. Employers of all types of businesses are seeing the benefits of corporate retreats. Regardless of your skill level, fishing is a great activity to unwind and bond with colleagues.  

Unbeatable Locations

The Gulf Coast of Louisiana boasts some of the world’s best fishing spots. Your group will enjoy fishing for a variety of local species. Bourgeois Fishing Charters will handle the rest as you travel around the heart of the Louisiana marsh. Located just 30 minutes south of New Orleans, our bayou lodging is both luxurious and affordable.    

Louisiana is famous for its fishing destinations, and is the ideal place to host your next corporate retreat. For those looking to add excitement to their work routine, consider booking with Bourgeois Fishing Charters for the true Cajun experience.  

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