The Punkrock Pirate, The Cuisnier, & The Harvester

The Punkrock Pirate, The Cuisnier, & The Harvester

August 03, 2020 by

 This past week, we had the pleasure of having the crew from Bubba Blade down to shoot a few days in the life on the Isle of Barataria. I took them around to interview a cast of local characters whose lives had been positively affected by knowing the late, great Theophile Bourgeois; a cast of characters who are themselves, wildly unique and fascinating individuals. 

From Dave Turgeon, a caretaker for the Fleming Plantation, a once thriving sugar cane plantation just down the bayou from the lodge, who at one time had offered alligator hunts on the family land with a nudge from my father. 

He is not only a native son of Lafitte, but a true Punk Rock Pirate, having toured the country fronting numerous high energy punk bands as a younger man. Dave may move a little slower these days, but he's still every bit of that free spirit!

To Chef Voleo, owner of Voleo's restaurant and a classically trained chef who studied under New Orleans’ iconic patron saint of blackened redfish: Chef Paul Prudhomme.

We also sat down with Mr. Richard Smith, a man who’s been harvesting and selling soft shell crabs for 59 years. 

These were just a few of the interesting people who we sat down with to share a bit about the man my father was. I wanted to give these Bubba guys a full immersion in the splendor of life on bayou time ; the ways of our people, and the strong sense of community that makes this place so special

We shared meals, told them stories and experiences all truly unique to this small town that I call home. We got up in the seaplane and fished the Chandeleur Islands where my dad spent so many of his days. I took a break to play a song on the floats of the plane amidst a backdrop of breaking waves and cawing seagulls. 

To wrap it all up we threw a family crab boil to show them how we celebrate down here. Suffice it to say, I think we fit about as much as we could in those four days they spent with us. I’m honored to share our story with them and excited to see what comes of the time we spent together. Stay tuned for when and where you can see the magic we captured.


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