Ease your mind into Bayou Time!

Ease your mind into Bayou Time!

June 01, 2020 by

In these trying times, as we all attempt to rise through the ashes of the past few months, it’s the little things that shine through. The importance of shared experiences with those we love, the intoxicating effects of a good laugh, the excitement in your child’s face when they land that big fish! It’s these little moments we often overlook because of all the noise of the outside world. If there’s one thing this time has taught us, it is this: Most of what we feel is important in this life is simply an accessory, or as we like to call it down here, Lagniappe. This time has offered us a rare opportunity to audit our own lives and shed that which doesn’t serve us or our family. Down here, that’s what’s important, down here, that’s all there is, and that’s why we take such great pride in sharing our gift with all of you. 


Down here for us, many ways of life seemed unaffected and much to the credit of the timeless beauty of our Southeast Louisiana landscape, many of us down here maintained our state of mind by losing ourselves in the ever enchanting surroundings that we so fortunately call our back yard. There was one major thing missing throughout all of this….and that was you, the ever appreciated guest. For what good is a paradise with no one to share it? For us, it means so much to preserve our rich cultural heritage by sharing it with people the world over and instilling in them a mutual love and appreciation for the majestic ecosystem that we call home.

This time of year is hard to beat down here. The air is full of life; newly hatched dragon flies scour the fresh green foliage of the cypress trees above as a Great Blue Heron sits perched atop its perfectly imperfect branches. The miles of meandering bayous flanked by green fields of marsh grass are teaming with schools of bait fish being pushed around by the two most sought after inshore predatory sport fish in the Gulf Coast, the Redfish & the Speckled Trout!

What better way to hit the refresh button on life than to get out on the water and pass a good time in one of the countries most bountiful and beautiful habitats: The Southeast Louisiana Marshes.

All ya’ gotta do is get here, we’ll take care of the rest! So come on down, relax and unwind, and ease your mind into Bayou Time!


Capt. Theophile Bourgeois IV & the BFC Family


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